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    "Bringing soldiers and supplies for a fort which the King of France has in this country, and for many others which he soon will have."There was little thought of the past at Fontainebleau in June, 1661. The present was too dazzling and too intoxicating; the future, too radiant with hope and promise. It was the morning of a new reign; the sun of Louis XIV. was rising in splendor, and the rank and beauty of France were gathered to pay it homage. A youthful court, a youthful king; a pomp and magnificence such as Europe had never seen; a delirium of ambition, pleasure, and love,wrought in many a young heart an enchantment destined to be cruelly broken. Even old courtiers felt the fascination of the scene, and tell us of the music at evening by the borders of the lake; of the gay groups that strolled under the shadowing trees, floated in gilded barges on the still water, or moved slowly in open carriages around its borders. Here was Anne of Austria, the kings mother, and Marie Thrse, his tender and jealous queen; his brother, the Duke of Orleans, with his bride of sixteen, Henriette of England; and his favorite, that vicious butterfly of the court, the Count de Guiche. Here, too, were the humbled chiefs of the civil war, Beaufort and Cond, obsequious before their triumphant master. Louis XIV., the centre of all eyes, in the flush of health and vigor, and the pride of new-fledged royalty, stood, as he still stands on the canvas of Philippe de Champagne, attired in a splendor which would have been effeminate but for the stately port of the youth who wore it. * Publicamos la lista de alumnos que han sido reasignados por el Servicio de Apoyo a la Escolarizacin (SAE) por haber sido presentada la solicitud...

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    [1] "Last summer," writes Lalemant in 1643, "two thousand warriors of the Neutral Nation attacked a town of the Nation of Fire, well fortified with a palisade, and defended by nine hundred warriors. They took it after a siege of ten days; killed many on the spot; and made eight hundred prisoners, men, women, and children. After burning seventy of the best warriors, they put out the eyes of the old men, and cut away their lips, and then left them to drag out a miserable existence. Behold the scourge that is depopulating all this country!"Relation des Hurons, 1644, 98.wishes, he was doomed to disappointment. The system of movable curs, by which the bishop like a military chief could compel each member of his clerical army to come and go at his bidding, was from the first repugnant to Louis XIV. On the other hand, the bishop clung to it with his usual tenacity. Colbert denounced it as contrary to the laws of the kingdom. * His Majesty has reason to believe, he writes, that the chief source of the difficulty which the bishop makes on this point is his wish to preserve a greater authority over the curs. ** The inflexible prelate, whose heart was bound up in the system he had established, opposed evasion and delay to each expression of the royal will; and even a royal edict failed to produce the desired effect. In the height of the dispute, Laval went to court, and, on the ground of failing health, asked for a successor in the bishopric. The king readily granted his prayer. The successor was appointed; but when Laval prepared to embark again for Canada, he was given to understand that he was to remain in France. In vain he promised to make no trouble; *** and it was not till after an absence of four years that he was permitted to return, no longer as its chief, to his beloved Canadian church. **** Para realizar la matricula de los alumnos nuevos para el curso 21/22 se deben seguir los siguientes pasos: Escribir un correo a la direccin Esta...

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    I have spoken of the colonists as living in a state of temporal and spiritual vassalage. To this there was one exception,a small class of men whose home was the forest, and their companions savages. They followed the Indians in their roamings, lived with them, grew familiar with their language, allied themselves with their women, and often became oracles in the camp and leaders on the war-path. Champlain's bold interpreter, tienne Brul, whose adventures I have recounted elsewhere, [32] may be taken as a type of this class. Of the rest, the most conspicuous were Jean Nicollet, Jacques Hertel, Fran?ois Marguerie, and Nicolas 166 Marsolet. [33] Doubtless, when they returned from their rovings, they often had pressing need of penance and absolution; yet, for the most part, they were good Catholics, and some of them were zealous for the missions. Nicollet and others were at times settled as interpreters at Three Rivers and Quebec. Several of them were men of great intelligence and an invincible courage. From hatred of restraint, and love of a wild and adventurous independence, they encountered privations and dangers scarcely less than those to which the Jesuit exposed himself from motives widely different,he from religious zeal, charity, and the hope of Paradise; they simply because they liked it. Some of the best families of Canada claim descent from this vigorous and hardy stock. Os compartimos las diferentes presentaciones que utilizamos en la reunin del pasado mircoles 9 para orientar el proceso de matriculacin e...

    create Listado de alumnos admitidos 21/22

    PURPOSES OF THE JESUITS.{sjtxt} Estamos muy contentos de queformis parte de nuestra Comunidad Educativa y os damos la bienvenida. Para acompaaros en el proceso de matriculacin de vuestros...

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